The Tribe is a diverse brand, where fashion meets music, storytelling and art. Join the Tribe and get inspired to follow your dreams.

The Brand

The Tribe is a creative art brand, which features high quality Street and Activewear for kids and adults, live music events, online shows and I use my original artwork as prints for most of the collections. Here at the Tribe, we love everything creative. Dream big or go home!

If you can’t beat fear, do it scared. Life is too short for doubts, procastination and waiting for the right moment to come along. The time is NOW!

Our Mission

… is to inspire as many people as possible, by sharing my personal journey as an artist, female entrepreneur and visionary.

Self-made, female founded and self-funded!

And of course the mission is to bring color into this world. Because everything is a little better with color on top. With our unique business structure and by combining different types of art and businesses into one project, I have proven the conservative system wrong. Yes, you can really do it all and you don’t have to niche down. It might not always be easy, but if it was, everybody would do it.

I have something for everyone. Spreading good vibes and positivity was always my main goal and this starts with my brands soundtracks song TRIBE VIBES and continues to show in my colourful and empowering fashion and art pieces and all other projects I take on.

Our Vision

…was to connect like-minded people, but also to meet like-minded people myself. What started as a merchandise brand, turned into a diverse business and art project. Fashion, Music, Content Production, Fitness and Art.

But I am not even close to being done. I am working on improving my business structures, products and services every day. One of my biggest visions for the future is to create a TRIBE Non-Profit Organisation, where I can give back and use my skills and the love I have for humans, to make a difference in some peoples lives. Let’s see If we can make this happen together over the next years. Join my Tribe today and let’s grow, learn and elevate together!

The Founder

My name is Mura and I was born and raised in Germany. I would call myself more of a world citizen though, after living in Germany, Australia, NYC and in London for the last 8 years.

After finishing up my University Degree in Media Management and Film Studies in Germany, I made it my mission to follow my dreams of becoming an artist and living a life free from conventions. I have never wanted to be employee. I always had the dream to build my own business and create jobs where people would love to go to.

In 2012 I got involved in a music project in NYC as a singer/songwriter & performer and moved to London in 2015, where I continued to pursuit my artistic journey. I taught myself videography, storytelling and video editing. It wasn’t until a few years later that I found my passion for painting, which is now implemented into my business as well.

From Fashion to Web Design, from Video Content Production to Editing, from Activewear to Health and Fitness Products, I do it all myself. I have always wanted to have my own business and create opportunities for other women and be an inspiration for all artists and creatives out there, that building a creative business around your art, is possible.

If you would love to join our team of driven, creative, inspiring people and be part of building a young energetic brand, send us an E-Mail. We would love to connect with you!



While working on offering the best services and fashionable, high quality products, we are also constantly working on ways to improve our businesses sustainability. One step we have taken towards a more sustainable approach, is to only produce products when they are demanded by a customers. This form of production helps us to reduce product waste, which plays a vital role in helping the planet become environmentally stronger.


This way of business means our production time might be a little longer than what you are used to from big retailers, who mass produce and store products to be shipped out immediately after an order comes in. These major retailers often sit on tons of unsold garments at the end of each season, which all ends up in landfill. This is not only an environmental problem, but also highly unsustainable economically, especially for smaller brands.

But we promise our unique designs are worth the wait. Knowing you are part of the solution rather than the problem, makes it even more fun to wear our new collections. The delivery for our products is approximately 14 working days.


Every item I design, every video I shoot, every song I write and every piece of art I make, is created with passion. I am passionate about creating and passionate about people. Every product is well thought through and comes with a story. You won’t see my products anywhere else. We aren’t for everybody and we are not trying to be. We are unique, different and we are proud of it. The most important stage in life is to realise and accept who you are and to own that sh**! Our products are for the bold ones, the butterflies, the unicorns and everyone in between.

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