Bad Boy Tribe

Ok ladies, let’s be honest: We love the Bad Boys.

Those cool, confident guys, who know what they want. They are mature and carry themselves with just that certain swag that attracts us power women. The ones who grab our hand on the street like maybe we are the best thing that ever happened to them. Let’s put it out there, neither can we cope with the Mama- boys, nor can they handle us. We want a MAN with swag.

BUT dear Bad Boys, though we do love your cool and confident swag, a real Mura Tribe- Bad Boy still knows how to treat and respect a woman. A man who is proud to have a Boss Lady by his side rather than feeling intimidated by her drive and energy, because together they are the ultimate power couple.

So this is for you boys, THE BAD BOY TRIBE! We only want good vibes here. No gangsta action please. SUPPORT YOUR BOSS LADIES, teach your fellas how to be a good BAD BOY and raise your Boss Babies with the right values.



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