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If you have managed to become a Boss Lady and a Bad Boy power couple and have a child, then you are most likely raising a BOSS BABY. Congratulations!

You might wonder how I came to the idea of creating a fashion line for kids, since I don’t have any myself yet. Well that’s actually really simple: I am surrounded by kids almost every day.

After finishing my studies in the field of Media Management back in Germany, I decided against having to do five unpaid internships and having to start a poorly paid job in the Media world. When I moved to London, I started working as a part- time Nanny to pay my bills and still be able to work on my music and creative projects. I had good and bad jobs, nice kids, not so nice kids, nice parents, mean parents ;-)… What I liked about the job was being able to be active, out and about most days and sort of being my own and the kids boss ;-). Let me tell you one thing though, it is not an easy job taking care of someone else’s children haha. But you do get attached to these little naggers 😉

Working for a few different families over the years, I have learned a lot about what parents want for their kids.

One significant situation happened a few years ago, when one mother of a kid I was taking care of bought a nurse costume for her four year old daughter to play dress- up. It had a tag on it saying “Nurse”. The mum said to me: “We need to change that and put a “doctor” tag on it. We have to aim higher than Nurse.” I remember at the time I was confused and thought: “She is only four years old, chill”.

But two years later her sentence got me thinking. The sense of self-worth, ambition, opportunites and the values we learn and therefore implement at a young age, shape who we are later in life. If we grow up with an understanding of opportunities and an open mindset, we implement that in our thinking and actions. I am no fan of overpraising kids, but I do believe in raising confident and opinionated little human beings, who will stand up for themselves and others and go after what they want in life, rather than giving in to conventions society creates for us.

So If you want your child to get the boss- vibe from the beginning, If you want to empower them and teach them that everything is possible If you believe in it and work smart, then I would like to welcome your child to the BOSS BABY TRIBE. This is a Tribe of the coolest kids on the planet and I am excited about the cuteness overload in this Tribe! So make sure to tag and share your pictures, so we can all fall in love with your BOSS BABY.

USE THE HASTAG #bossbabytribemovement when you post your pictures on Social Media for a chance to be featured on the MURA TRIBE channels and website! 

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