Boss Lady Tribe


BOSS LADY  (song lyrics) 

She is bold and she loud
Oh don’t you dare to put a tape over her mouth

She’s a badass, she’s got that vibe
I can see you wish you were part of her tribe

Pre- Chorus:

They say she’s fearless, never afraid
She’s got the power every hour every day

She makes decision, for her visions
She’s on a boss lady em-power mission

Are you ready?

Let’s go

She is coming with her tribe

They got an unstoppable 

kinda vibe

Try to stop us and you’ll see

You’re wasting your time

We’re out here to tell you

The future is female 

So put your hands up and show ‘em

Who’s running the game now 

Put your hands up if you’re a female 

We’re the Boss Lady Tribe



She’s unconventional, like chilli rice
They say she’s hot like fire with some extra spice

They say she’s wild, out of control
She’s a dreamer spreading fever, she’s a boss a boss lady

So put your hands up in the sky
If you’re a boss lady a boss lady

And all the fellas give me 5
If you love yourself a boss lady

She’s a got a wild heart
No time to catch your

No excuses she run wild

Feeling extra high tonight

She aint waiting on no one

She needs run free no lie
until she finds someone to just as wild to run with


She’s a boss, she’s a boss, oh she’s a boss lady
a boss Lady
She’s a boss, she’s a boss she’s a boss lady so you better stand back

Stand back and watch/ oh oh oh
She’s a boss, she’s a boss, she’s a boss lady

With the eyes of a tiger

Excuse me, what did you say?
Did you just call her a bitch oh boy I think you were a glitch

She don’t date guys like you no more


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