March 8, 2020 marks another International Women’s Day, where we celebrate the power, strength and beauty of women. It is a day of awareness. Awareness for everything we have achieved so far and everything that still requires more rebellion. Rebellion from us, the Boss Ladies who move this society forward and demand change and equal rights and treatment. 

The Boss Up Movement, is a movement for women to empower each other and empower yourself, by wearing it proudly on your chest: I am part of the BOSS LADY TRIBE. 

We love to empower women to see their potential and strength. To encourage them to step up and take control of their lives and go for what they want. To make bold decisions and request fair treatment, payment and opportunities. 
Society has programmed female minds, to think small, to think quietly. To stand in the second row. To not speak too loud, cause it’s unsexy, or not feminin. To not have too much of an opinion, cause then you’re difficult. To be able to survive on your own, but not too well, cause then you’re intimidating. There are millions of videos on YouTube, teaching women how to be powerful, while remaining feminine and still coming off attractive and soft. Why do we have to use techniques and strategies to be like this or that, to be liked and accepted? To come off in a certain way, but always STILL be in a way that makes them comfortable: Not TOO STRONG, not TOO POWERFUL, not TOO INTIMIDATING, not TOO EDUCATED. Who are they to determine wether its feminine or not to be a Boss Lady? To speak up for yourself, to have an opinion on topics, to be smarter than a man?

Ladies, how about if we could just be however the hell we were and wanted to be, without having to explain ourselves all the time? Without having to be conscious of how we come across? How about we make it our mission to reach that goal? Will it be easy? No! Will it be worth it? Absolutely! If it was easy, everybody would do it. That’s why we can, cause we are women and we are freaking awesome. We are strong, we are smart and we don’t care what they think of us! Share your opinion and experiences on this. This is your TRIBE! Your community! This is where we become an entity to #bossup and go get what we deserve!

A statement, a title, a vibe can go a long way. If you tell yourself you are strong, sooner or later, you will be. If you tell yourself you are in control of your life and decisions, you will feel like a Boss Lady and you will be in control. It is the power of belief that makes all the difference. If you believe it, you can do it. Being part of a TRIBE of badass Boss Ladies, is better than fighting alone. We are always stronger together and can achieve more in a community of likeminded people.

Because we want everybody to be able to feel like a Boss Lady this year and support the movement, we have reduced the prices for our Boss Lady Tribe range until March 8, 2020. We can’t wait to hear and see you all rocking your Boss Lady Tribe Vibewear. Please share your outfits and thoughts on this topic on Social Media and don’t forget to tag @muratribe and use the hashtags #bossladytribemovement #bossup #IWD2020 #EachforEqual

Go to BOSS UP in the menu and you’ll see the full Boss Lady Tribe Vibewear range.

It is important to BOSS UP and show the world we won’t stop until we reach our goals. We are here to make a change. We are taking control. We are stepping up. #bossup 

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