During these crazy times with all the difficulties, worries and restrictions Corona has created, all I need to feel free again, is to dance and sing. It has always been my escape into a magical world, where I can be who ever I want to be. Today I am Robyn in the 80ies πŸ˜€ and I dance in a gold cape that shimmers brighter than the lights of Tower Bridge…on my own.

Had to cover this classic from my Teenage years in my London Live Series. One of the coolest Dance Songs ever made. I hope you enjoy this magical performance and can escape this world with me for 5 minutes. Even though it was only around 1 degree and my hands were LITERALLY frozen.

WATCH a little behind the scenes below. Cause the reality isn’t always as pretty and glamorous as the end result ;-)! But the fun and accomplishment is always worth it.


Watch some behind the scenes on Tik Tok. Click the buttons below!

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