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WOMEN ARE AWESOME. We can juggle so many things at the same time and we are so strong and powerful. But there is still a lot of work to be done and while a lot of men will say “I don’t know why these women are still complaining, they are equal”, here is your reality check. You’re welcome!

We are not equal just because we are allowed to drive a car and can finally vote. We will be equal when you finally give us the same respect, treatment and pay as you give men. When you stop sexualising us. When you stop feeling entitled to our bodies and our decisions over our bodies. When you stop setting different rules for what we can say, do, wear and how we can act, compared to a man. When you stop calling us bitchy, difficult to work with and opinionated when we have an opinion and voice it. When you stop calling us man-haters just because we are speaking up about inequality. When you stop using your (generally speaking) physical dominance to get your way. When your first reaction to the word feminism isn’t you rolling your eyes anymore, but when you START admitting, applying and changing your ignorant ways of thinking and behaving.

Equality is a very emotional topic for a lot of women and a lot of men don’t seem to understand why. Every feminist is just an angry man-hater. While most men in their privileged position don’t think it’s that “deep” and some even think they promote and support equality by posting some cool memes on social media, after a woman has just been abducted and killed again while simply walking home, they seem to be unaware that this just doesn’t solve the problem. You are showing support, thank you. We do appreciate it and it is a start, but what are you actually gonna do? How are you gonna help making progress and creating change? Are you truly reflecting yourself and your behaviour? That of your friends? What have we done to progress since the Black Lives Matter Movement has calmed down? Why has it calmed down? Has there been change? Social Media is great to raise awareness, but it is also a tool for people to show off and show how much they care, mainly to look good and feel good about themselves, not to actually create change. It is simply delusional to think that we will create or achieve change, by raising awareness without a follow up action.

Women are angry, yes. And we have every right to be. Oppressive and patriarchal society patterns still very much exist, even in our western world and this blog post would get way too long, If I also started explaining what is still happening in other countries…

In the light of the disappearance and murder of Sarah Everard in South London last week, a lot of women have spoken up about fear. Constant fear throughout their daily lives. Fear of doing things that are totally normal to men. We wouldn’t dare to go running in the dark. We all know the taxi or Uber option isn’t necessarily a safe way to get home at night… or day! Feeling uncomfortable walking around with a dress in the summer when it is boiling hot, because until you reach the train station, at least 20 pairs of eyes visually undressed you. 5 cars stopped and slowly drove next to you chatting you up and asking you to get into the car. 5 more men walked past or behind us, making some sort of disrespectful comments. Can you imagine being constantly uncomfortable and in fear? If your answer to this question is no then you are privileged and it is time to admit that and stop denying that there is a problem. Equality isn’t just about equal pay or the official right to do something. It is every day behaviour.

I have always been very passionate about female empowerment and feminism and I will keep being “opinionated” and “difficult”. I will keep using my voice to empower women and speak up for those who don’t even have a voice. I will try to make change happen and remind people over and over again that this problem isn’t solved.

We don’t talk about how many men assaulted women, but how many women were assaulted. The focus is always on the bad stuff that happens to women, not on the wrong MEN do to women. We have to change the narrative.

International Women’s Day 2021 has passed, but the issue hasn’t and I #choosetochallenge this year following #internationalwomensday2021 !

I have designed the “Empowered Women Collection” because I think fashion is a great way to feel empowered and with that power, empower others. What we wear has a big impact on not just how people perceive us, cause who cares, but on how we feel about ourselves. And how we feel about ourselves, determines how we react to so much in this world. I dare all my Boss Ladies to dress to empower yourself from now on, rather than dressing to impress.

#dresstoempower #empoweredwomenempowerwomen

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