Were you every wondering how H&M, Primark and Missguided can offer such cheap clothing? Let us tell you how and let us tell you why smaller, independent brands can’t and don’t want to compete with the price war of those huge retailers.

We are a London-based start-up and each of our products is hand-finished in East London. Our founder Mura creates every design herself, even hand-sews some of the items. It isn’t just the actual making of the garment that takes time, it is also the thought and creation behind every single design, cut and color- combination. We put a lot of effort and detail into making our garments, because we want them to be unique and last for a long time. In our video we show you exactly how much time and detail goes into making one TRIBE garment.

When Mura started the brand, she wanted something bold and unique. She knew she wanted more than just a white T-shirt with a black print. So she started to research options and decided she wanted pattern prints like camouflage, zebra and leopard. Those prints are super hot at the moment by the way.

Most people won’t think about how this cool floral or animal print made it on their sweatshirt, but it is much more complicated than you can imagine.

Screen printing is cheaper, if you print big amounts, which we don’t at this stage. You also pay extra for each color in the logo, so If the pattern has 5 colors, it get’s expensive! Mura found out about vinyl prints. Vinyl isn’t ink, it’s a pre-made/pre-printed material, where your design is being cut out on and then heat pressed onto the garment. There are no minimum orders required with this technique, BUT the cost per item is very high, as each print is done separately, by hand.

While big retailers produce each item in the range of thousands to millions and get bulk order discounts, they therefore can sell them at very low prices. Not to speak of the fact that they produce in countries where production cost and salaries are probably a quarter of the prices here in the UK. They also make their money based on the huge quantities they sell. As an independent brand, this is simply NOT POSSIBLE.

We are very proud of the stylish, unique and professional fashion range we have created. Our garments aren’t just clothes, they are a vibe. Wearing one of our garments means you are part of the TRIBE MOVEMENT: An empowerment movement spreading #tribevibes, inspiring you to #bossup and go after the things you desire.


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