Born and raised in Germany, Mura is a singer/songwriter, fashion designer and entrepreneur. If this Boss Lady can teach you one thing, it’s to never give up on your dreams, no matter how many times you fall down. If you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way to turn it into reality.

A true hustler and visionary full of ideas, Mura began her artistic journey in her teenage years in Germany as a singer and dancer.

In 2012, she began working with several musicians and producers in NYC, the city of her dreams. She shot her first music video to her single “Losing Control” in the concrete jungle of the city. The single was later featured on the reality TV show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and the German TV show “Fashion Queen”. 

Since Mura was a little girl, she always had a love for fashion. Her style was outgoing and colourful, and she loved wearing unique and eye-catching pieces. As a teenager, she started to design and customise clothes for herself and her friends. Her favourite techniques to work with were patches, spikes and fabric paint to customise clothing. This is where she received inspiration for her current statement colours featured in her first TRIBE collection, such as leopard, camouflage and silky/shiny fabrics.

After returning from NYC in 2014, Mura had the idea to create a fashion logo brand called TRIBE. Her idea was based on her personal struggle trying to find people with the same interests – her TRIBE. She decided to create a movement that would attract like-minded people, and ultimately build her own TRIBE. She started by creating the logo with a graphic designer and printed a few t-shirts, but her thought behind the brand wasn’t fully developed yet.

A year passed by before Mura relocated to London in 2015 to start over. After a year of heartbreak and visa struggles that prevented her to live in her dream city of New York, she made the big move to England, all by herself. Without knowing a single person in London and no job lined up, she once again risked everything for her dreams. She slowly started to adapt to the British lifestyle and got more into songwriting, recorded new music, created new music videos and started performing more. 

She decided to pick up her TRIBE idea again in summer 2017, but this time FOR REAL! After improving the logo, she added the Boss Lady Tribe, Boss Baby Tribe and Bad Boy Tribe to the collection. Tired of waiting around for people to provide her with opportunities, she decided to create a project that would give herself and others a platform to do what they love doing most: Creating art of many kinds and connecting with like-minded people. 

With a bachelor’s degree in Media Management, Mura started to build her own business. Sourcing fabrics, learning about fashion production and marketing, as well as printing methods, were part of her new adventure. Many lessons were learned the hard way, but they were learned. Months of research, watching tutorials, reading books and articles, sleepless nights surrounded by boxes full of clothes and sewing in labels. She spent hundreds of pounds on Starbucks coffee to switch the “home office” to a “coffee shop office” once in a while. After a lot of hardships, Mura successfully fought her way through the jungle called entrepreneurship. Emotional rollercoasters included. 

After being forced to edit one of her own music videos in 2017, she taught herself how to film and edit videos as well. The vision around her brand grew bigger each day, and Mura decided to write soundtrack songs to each of the fashion lines. The goal was to create a visual album comprised of her fashion collection, accompanied by her music, telling the backstory of the TRIBE brand and her journey as an artist, entrepreneur and outspoken, independent woman. 

She is currently still working on completing the EP and the visual album, with the title “STORY OF MY LIFE”. It is planned to be released later in 2019.

The first collection and soundtrack song of the brand, “TRIBE VIBES”, are complete. It’s an upbeat summer hit that makes you want to sing and dance in the sunlight with your favourite people and forget about all your worries for a moment.

There aren’t enough titles to name the many styles of the Mura-Lady, but it’s safe to say that her personal style has influenced her first VIBE-WEAR collection. Patterns like leopard, camouflage, bright pastel colours and silky/velvet fabrics leave a significant touch on her first TRIBE collection.

We can say for certain that our founder has put her heart and soul into this brand and this year will be a wild one for this young visionary. She is here to stay and make a mark in this world. So come along the journey and enjoy the ride.