Original Smiley Paintings On Round Canvas

THIS IS THE SMILEY ERA! Just in time for the short and grey days, the cold weather and just in time for the holiday season, I created a new painting series called DON’T WORRY BE HAPPY.

I want you to have someone smile you at every single day. No matter how bad your day might be, no matter how moody you might be, this artwork will smile at you no matter what.

Spreading positive Vibes has always been one of my main missions and the reason why most of my artwork is very colourful and bright. Life is hard enough and we deserve something nice and happy to look at, to remind us that all the dark moments are temporary and there is fun and good stuff out there. We just need to see it.

This is an original artwork made on a round canvas. It is made out of a mixture of spray paint and acrylic paint. The neon coloured smileys will even glow in the dark If exposed to a UV light.

This is a handmade original artwork. Not a print!

£ 250.00

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LGBT, Neon Green, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Rainbow, Turquoise


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