The fear of TAKING TIME OFF and RESTING, is a pretty common issue in today’s society. Burnouts and exhaustion are happening left and right and If I had taken some time off earlier to REALLY REST, maybe I wouldn’t have been sick for 3 month and completely unable to work. So basically, 2 weeks holiday could have possibly saved me those 3 month forced time off.

But why are we so scared to take time off? I can only speak for myself and I think my number one reason is, that I work on something that I love so much and I am so passionate about, that I just can’t stop. But I keep forgetting that even If I love it and enjoy it, it is still very exhausting and the mind and body need rest nevertheless.

Also the myths of “Don’t ever stop”, “Go harder than anyone else and you’ll go further than anyone else”, are stuck in our heads and though they are partially true, YOU NEED TO TAKE TIME OFF. I do believe that you have to be so obsessed with what you do and have to do more than the average person, to achieve more than “average”. You can do that though and take time off every now and then, to refresh your mind and charge your battery.

Mental health has become sort of a new trend topic and you read about it everywhere. So it got me thinking. After I was unable to work, or work on my business for over 2 month, I felt bad taking 2 more weeks off to go home on a holiday. I had to remind myself, that laying sick in bed and being in pain for so long, wasn’t a holiday and nothing that helped my mental state. It was recovering my physical health. So next up on the list, was my mental health. I went home, spent some time with my family, ate lots of my favourite ice cream haha and just chilled.

I also went away to a beautiful beach in a small city in Germany by the coast, called St. Peter Ording, for a weekend. Did long walks on the beach, had breakfast on the beach and slept in my mum’s pink bus for the first time. At this point I wanna highlight that I have the coolest mum on the planet haha.

And yes ok, I just can’t stop creating completely for 2 weeks, you got me 😀 So I made my mum get on her knees in the sand and run after me to shoot a little promo video for you guys.

The holiday and beach vibes are speaking for itself though and I really feel super refreshed and so motivated being back in London now.

This trip made me more aware again, that I need to take time off. That I need to travel more again. That I need to go on a holiday every now and then, which I haven’t done enough the past years. I kept on telling myself: “I can’t afford it, I have to invest all my money in my brand and I don’t have time, I got shit to accomplish.” But If I am honest, we can do anything we want to and I am preaching that to everybody, but I really need to do it myself. I can find money to fund a clothing line, so I can find money to go on a holiday 😉 Can’t wait for the next time I can feel sand between my toes 😉

So: Stop making excuses and stop killing yourself fellow entrepreneurs, artists and everybody else.

Enjoy the Tribe Beach Vibes and get inspired to take some time off.


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