The MURA TRIBE was first born in 2014. The idea was to create a community, a TRIBE, for driven and creative visionaries and entrepreneurs, to connect and surround themselves with like-minded individuals. To create inspiring and motivational content and share my journey as an artist and entrepreneur. I wanted to combine my passions for music, fashion, film making and art in one project, while being my own boss.

They say: “Create a life you don’t need a vacation from!” In order to achieve that you need to do something you are absolutely passionate about. Passion will give you the energy to work so hard on something and work on it for as long as it takes, to achieve your goals. No other work ethic can give you the kind of drive passion does.

My businesses, every song and video and every piece in every collection, are made out of passion.


What started as a merchandise brand for my music in 2014, has turned into a diverse brand with a big variety of products and services. The main focus of the Tribe has always been fun. Fun making our videos, fun hosting our events and every product is just based on fun. Because what would life be without fun? Nothing!

When I created the logo for my brand, I very consciously selected the different elements in it.


1. The word TRIBE
2. The eagle symbol
3. The feather


When I created the TRIBE logo, I was inspired by different influences. First of all I wanted to create a TRIBE. For myself to find like-minded people and for others to find their people. Surrounding yourself with people who have the similar values and aspirations as you, will change your life. When you surround yourself and listen to people who don’t share your values and believes, who don’t believe in your dreams, your lifestyle and your choices, you will find yourself constantly drained and confused. Doubting yourself and your goals. These type of people will make you believe it’s just a reality check they are generously giving you, but IN REALITY, it’s them projecting their limits and fears on you.  Just remember, not everybody can come to where you’re going. And it is so much more fun building and creating your dream life with the support of like-minded thinkers and in a community of cool people who just get you, without you having to constantly explain yourself.

Personal and creative freedom is something I constantly work on creating for myself. I am not a fan of conventions or following what society tells us “we should do”, or “should live our life like”.

I don’t like people telling me what to do, how to do it, or when to do it. I always wanted to be my own boss and have the freedom to do things on my terms. Everything else makes me feel limited and I don’t like limits.

Also, energy is real and your vibe attracts your Tribe, so try to eliminate everything that kills your awesome vibe.


FREEDOM & INSPIRATION: Feathers are a part of a bird. Therefore they are inseparable of the avian kind. Birds stand for freedom and inspiration. They can fly and don’t we almost all wish we could fly? While we are down on earth, bound to the ground, they fly high above us “light as a feather”, going wherever the wind takes them. If that isn’t freedom, I don’t know what is.


STRENGTH & LEADERSHIP: In the Native American culture, the eagle is a symbol for strength, leadership and vision. A lot of great empires have used the eagle as a symbol for their power and strength, from Babylon to Egypt, through to Rome and the United States.
The eagle is the BOSS of all the winged creatures. He represents power, strength and sharpness. He flies higher than any other bird.

“Eagle people” are visionaries. They are seekers who are willing to push the limits of self-discovery and personal freedom. An eagle person is a born leader.

By implementing these meaningful symbols into the TRIBE brand logo and therefore into the brand philosophy, they display what the TRIBE brand and me as the founder stand for. Based on authenticity, faith in my visions, a desire for freedom, the strength to never give up and to constantly create new opportunities for myself and others, I want to motivate everybody to “fly” higher than they ever dared to “fly” before. Take risks and never give up on your dreams, because everything is possible.

Sometimes all it takes it is the support of your TRIBE <3

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