Tribe Vibes Production is our Mobile Video Production Company. When starting our own brand in 2019, we realised how much fun it was to create our own videos and stories. We have executed numerous video shoots with up to 40 people. We take care of everything from planning the shoot, to editing the video.


Pre- production: We will help you create a concept and a storyline for your video. We can also cast models/actors for you and arrange the copyright agreements. We scout locations and take care of the equipment needed.

Production: We currently create the most beautiful images and videos straight out of our phones. “Whaaaaat? Isn’t that super amateurish?” Not If you know how to really shoot professional content with these high performing devices. Phones shoot high quality videos footage in 4K, slow motion and getting good video footage mostly depends on good and smooth camera movement, a good angel, good lighting and a great idea. We use professional gimbals and often phones are a lot easier to handle. Because they are so light and small, you can jump up and down, run and move quickly.

Please see our portfolio below. All our videos have been shot on an iPhone and we can do the same for you.

Post-Production: When the footage is shot, we will edit and colour grade your video. We can add transitions, effects, music and voice overs. Please give us as much information and details as possible, so we can work along your vision.

For questions and enquiries please send us an email to or use our contact form on this website.



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